How It Works

1. Fill out the form
2. We prepare your instrument
3. You receive your instrument in 5-7 business days!
4. Continue making monthly payments
5. When you reach the purchase price, the instrument is YOURS!

NOTE: If you choose to return, just send it back to us and your monthly payments cease.  No penalties or return charges!

More Details:

  • First and foremost, your satisfaction is UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED.
  • All rent goes toward the purchase of the instrument you are renting.
  • All normal repairs are covered free at no cost to you.
  • Size exchanges are free for string instruments.
  • You can discontinue your rental at any time.
  • Accessories are included with your rental.

Our “UPGRADE” rental”  When you begin the rental process and click on “Rent Now”, you will be offered an opportunity to upgrade your instrument to a new or near new instrument (subject to availability).  A security deposit is required on all upgrade rentals.  All rent and the security deposit will go toward the purchase.  It is a great way to get a true “top of the line,” essentially new instrument at a reasonable cost.